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Taking back housing | International symposium

16 oktober 2020 @ 12:00 18:30

International symposium Taking Back Housing with lectures and discussions about new initiatives for housing.

In addition to the traditional housing construction of housing corporations and project developers, a large number of new, smaller parties to realize their projects: housing corporations, do-it-yourselfers, former squatters and developing architects are all trying to get development rights and a place at the table. These projects radically challenge conventional planning methods. However, there are many obstacles that must be overcome, usually in the institutional unwillingness or inability to deal with non-professionals or with a not-for-profit approach. Who and what stops these projects? What can be done about it? During the symposium Taking Back Housing! we bring examples from inside and The Commission will work together abroad to clearly identify the problem and formulate ways out of it.

We will start with a problem definition based on examples from independent housing cooperatives in Rotterdam and other places in the Netherlands, investigating what makes it so difficult to find a solution to realize these projects. During the discussion, we will try to provide answers to questions such as: what is needed for the future implementation of self-organized housing plans and who and what needs to change? What organizational and policy transformations are needed? With the contributions of representatives of banks, developers, architects, activists and policymakers, we will analyze and question standard working methods and stimulate new developments and experiments.

Symposium from 10 AM till 4:30 PM. Programme details.


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